BTFP01012 won't restart

My dad's machine has a problem where after he uses the relief valve when it restarts its max of 150 PSI, the machine stops working for awhile. Then he has to switch the machine off and on before he can use the machine again.

After my dad replaced the pressure switch with a new one, the symptom becomes random. After reaching 150 PSI, he uses the relief valve, and the unit sometimes stops working i.e. turns off; otherwise, the unit continues working as usually, continually gathering air to reach back to 150 PSI. When the machine stops working, it can't be turn on for awhile. What do you think is the problem?

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Feb 01, 2019
Thanks Doug
by: Mike

Thanks Doug,

Will do.

Jan 30, 2019
no restart
by: Doug in


This post/page is a confused mess, and I can't believe it's the same problem, because we never fully understood the original poster's problem and he's stopped responding...

Please start a new post on the Bostitch page, describing your situation in your own words. I'm sure we can help if you lay out your symptom(s)/problem clearly.

Feel free to include pix of what you're talking about if you're not certain of your terminology.


Jan 30, 2019
Any solution?
by: Mike

I am having the same issue with my air compressor as OP. Did you ever figure out a solution to the problem? I tried replacing the pressure switch but that didn't solve it.

Sep 22, 2017
BTFP01012 clarification
by: Doug in

When you say the unit won't restart, what happens? does it *try* to start (make noise) or does it just sit doing nothing?

If the former, I'd look at the four-way gizmo, which apparently functions as and unloader, although that's a bit of a guess.

If the latter, then you're probably looking at an intermittent pressure switch, or loose wiring somewhere.

Please let us know.

Sep 21, 2017
Electrical supply
by: Bill

I find this confusing... "The compressor still receives electricity regardless of how much air is in the tank."

Are you saying that, regardless if the tank is empty or not, there is power on the motor side of the pressure switch?

If so, the pressure switch has failed.

If not, please elaborate.

If power is flowing past the pressure switch when the tank pressure is zero, that's the way it should be. If the motor does not start at this point, and power is flowing to the motor (you checked the wires and presumably used a meter to check power at the motor) then that would point to the motor as the problem.

However, I don't know if this motor has a start capacitor. If it does, check the start capacitor next (see the page on how to do this on the troubleshooting page). If no capacitor, and power is at the motor, then there's an issue with the motor itself.

Sep 20, 2017
Electricity seems fine
by: Anonymous

The compressor still receives electricity regardless of how much air is in the tank.

The wiring also seems fine.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Sep 20, 2017
Sorry - BTFP01012
by: Bill

Yes, a multimeter to make sure that when the tank is empty, the pressure switch has tripped to "passing" and there is power actually flowing across it.

Check the wiring means a mechanical check of all connections to ensure all are tight.

Capacitor - please see:

Sep 20, 2017
by: Anonymous

I am slightly confused by your latest comment.

How would I check "is there power on the motor side of the pressure switch"? You mean by using a multimeter?

Then how would I "check the leads to the motor, particularly if this model has a start capacitor on the motor"? What do you mean by "leads to the motor", and how would I know there is a start capacitor? Not sure if I have found any mention in its manual:

Sep 19, 2017
BTFP01012 won't restart
by: Bill

Can you check and see, with the tank empty of air, if the compressor does not start, is there power on the motor side of the pressure switch.

If there is, that suggests that the pressure switch is working, and now it's time to check the leads to the motor, particularly if this model has a start capacitor on the motor.

Please check and let us know.

Sep 19, 2017
by: Anonymous

So the compressor stops at 150 PSI. My dad uses the relief valve in order to test if the air compressor will restart. (Maybe it's called the unloader valve?) Sometimes it would restart in order to get back to 150 PSI. Though lately, it has stop being a random occurrence, and it is back to its original state of not restarting.

I don't think it is a matter of it overheating since we ran it after waiting for 1 hour for it to cool down, and it just did not restart after losing air. My dad measured the electricity, and thinks that the measurements are fine.

The machine does sound like it is trying to restart, but my dad tried emptying all of the air from the compressor. And it still will not restart for quite a while.

Sep 19, 2017
Bostitch won't restart
by: Bill

I am afraid I don't understand by this comment "After reaching 150 PSI, he uses the relief valve".

The pressure relief valve is there as a safety device in the event that the pressure switch does not cut power when the tank pressure reaches the normal cut off point.

If this Bostitch is not shutting off at the 150 PSI level, then the pressure switch is not working properly.

The random restart issue may relate to the motor overheating, and a thermal cut out is shutting off power until the motor cools.

In case an extension cord is being used, please see:

Also please have a look at this page too:

Please add a comment with your findings.

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