BTFP01012 motor not restarting

by Mike

I have a BTFP01012 compressor which seems to have a few simultaneous issues.

Smaller issue is that it is leaking air once filled. I believe that is coming out of the 4 way fitting set where it attaches to the tank.

The bigger issue is that once the tank gets to 150 PSI the motor will stop like it should, however, once the pressure dips back down below 125 the motor does not turn back on like it should. It sounds like the motor is trying to start but can't. I usually then have to use the pressure release valve to fully empty the tank and wait a little while to then get the motor to refill the tank. Turning off/on the power switch occasionally helps kick on the motor but usually doesn't do that until after I have emptied/filled it a few times. It doesn't seem to be overheating either, as it does it from first use of the day.

I tried replacing the pressure switch thinking that maybe it was getting stuck or something but that didn't resolve the issue.

Not sure if both issues are related or separate.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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Feb 04, 2019
Sounds good
by: Mike

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the answer, that makes sense.

I will order the part and when I get some time to work on it will take some pictures to upload and let you know if that did infact fix the issue.

Feb 01, 2019
BTFP01012 no restart
by: Doug in

Yes. Most any other unit, the answer is bad check valve. When the tank is filling, the pressure from the pump pushes the valve open. When the pump stops, it's supposed to close and hold the air in the tank while at the same time releasing the pressure in the line from the pump, so it can restart without pushing against the tank pressure.

These things don't have a part by that name.

However, it appears the *function* is in the
The drawing is really crummy, so it's not easy to see exactly how it works.

Anyway, if you disassemble that, you'll probably find a bad O-ring or two. I'm fairly certain the "plug sets" are what you'd need. Or, you may want to just use some off-the-shelf rings you have laying around.

Please take some pix of what you do and find, and post for my benefit and others who may come by.


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