BSD-50 overheating

by ken

Have a BSD-50 was overheating three months ago. had serviced today was in high 70,s overheating again.

It is in its own room for years. In warm weather we open doors and sides, never had a problem before

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Apr 29, 2017
BSD-50 overheating
by: Doug in

You mean you had it serviced three months ago, problem solved, but now overheating again with warmer weather? What was done?

A couple of things to get started - make sure the power is OK and it's turning in the right direction, and check that the fan belt is OK and not slipping.

Apr 29, 2017
by: Carl

First of all, I'm guessing your compressor is a Kaesar BSD is it?

You say the temperature is in the high 70s? That's 70 degrees centigrade I guess? That temperature is quite normal running temperature. Is it cutting out on over temperature? Could you clarify please.

You say that you "open the doors" is that on your compressor room or compressor? You should keep the compressor doors closed because the airflow that passes through the cooler is increased that way. If you keep them open you won't have air sucked in as much which can cause overheating.

Also what service did you have? Was the thermo valve replaced in this service? Does the cooler feel hot to touch when it is up to temperature? If not then get your thermo valve replaced, it would explain why it overheats. But as i said before, what temperature scale is it and is it cutting out?

If you could reply with the answers then we can go from there

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