Brute compressor motor runs but no air pressure


I have 10 gallon vertical electrical brute compressor I purchased it Home Depot about 4 years ago but used it about 6 or 7 times to fill air in my car and SUV.

Now yesterday when it was cold about 34 degrees outside in MD I started it after checking oil level through the glass window level which was fine.

The compressor started but is not building air pressure.

I checked safety valve leaks, hose leaks etc.
The pressure garages are not moving and point to zero pressure both out put and reservoir tank
Please help

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Nov 25, 2018
Brute compressor motor runs
by: Bill

After the compressor has run for a while and warmed up, did the problem remain?

The temperature certainly affects the operation of air compressors, and 34 F wouldn't help yours. The oil was probably sludge at that temp, which would have affected operation.

The issue of compressors running and not building pressure are common to many brands, assuming warming the compressor didn't help resolve it.

If you would kindly navigate to the troubleshooting page on this site located here:

... you will find that your question is already answered in the pages about air compressors that run but don't build pressure. Please scroll down to and read the appropriately linked page. Then, if you still require help with your air compressor problem, add a comment here with details of what you found, OK?

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