Brute Air Compressors

Brute air compressors are supplied by Briggs & Stratton and were sold throughout North America by, among others, WalMart big box stores.

I did an extensive search to see if I could find a source for these air compressors today, with no luck. There are some sources of parts and some sites relating to the Brute air compressor, but they no longer appear to be sold new.

A visit to the Briggs & Stratton website shows other outdoor power equipment being available under the Brute brand, but no sign of Brute air compressors. They do, however, show that they sold air compressors on their support portal at this site:

Brute air compressor

If you have a real stumper question that no one on this forum can help you with, then it were me, I wouldn't hesitate to contact Briggs & Stratton directly to see if they could direct me or help.

Phone Support: If you have questions or concerns, please contact their phone support at 1-800-444-7774. Representatives will be available Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST.

If you are a user of the Brute air compressor line, please use this forum to share your experiences. Please see the troubleshooting section or use the search box on the sitemap page to check for pages with solutions to problems common to all air compressors, before posting yours. If your question has been answered already, it will not be posted again. Support information from other Brute air compressor users can be found below the form.

Brute Air Compressor Manuals

Visit this site URL and, with the complete model number of your Brute air compressor, you can download manuals:

And, as the numbers of comments added to this page grows, it gets harder to find the specific answer you are seeking so I've added a search box here for your use to help you find the information you need.


Brute Air Compressor Issues

Having an issue with your Brute Air compressor? First, is your post / question / comment on this forum actually about Brute Air Compressors? If it relates to another compressor issue or another brand it cannot appear on this forum. If in doubt, use the forum on the ASK page instead.

I work on responses to information and technical requests daily. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. Thanks. Bill

Here are other visitor's issues with Brute Air Compressors

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Brute safety switch pops 10 sec after start up 
Brute safety switch pops 10 sec after start up Reset switch does same thing

Wiring brute 074003, 074004 air compressor 
I'm replacing the start capacitor and I forgot what wire goes where. There's a green striped and a red striped wire, which goes to the capacitor? …

Big blow out from Brute compressor! 
Compressor runs up to max pressure and shuts off and air starts blowing out up by switch. I replaced switch and it still does it. So it isn't the switch. …

Brute fills and shuts off - won't restart 
125psi turns on fills up then shuts off and wont start

074003 Pressure switch part missing 
I was giving a brute air compressor model 074003 and I noticed the red cap of the switch comes off I took it apart and notice something is missing …

What type of oil should I use in my Brute air compressor? 
The manual doesn't say what weight or type of oil to fill it with. I read on another forum to use 5w-50 synthetic.

Brute will not build air 
My Brute standup compressor runs great but wont compress air. For good measure i put a new drain petcock on it. It builds to 5/20 then stops …

Briggs Stratton Brute Compressors 
Where can I get the head gasket, the very thin white gasket inserted into the cylinder head?

Where can i get a replacement regulator valve  
Broke the threads on the regulator valve where can i get a replacement

No pressure buildup 
I have a Brute 15 Gallon 125psi air compressor that no longer builds up pressure. Upon inspection, i found that the check valve (on the tank) is allowing …

Help freeing up crankshaft frozen to bottom of compressor piston 
Will not run. Found crankshaft frozen to bottom of piston. Motor humming pops overload. Found piston was sized to crankshaft need info as to how to …

Order a reset button? 
I can unhook and by pass the reset button and my compressor works. Where can I order a reset switch?

Brute compressor won`t shut-off once it reaches the cut-out psi 
Brute compressor won`t shut-off once it reaches the cut-out psi. I have a Brute 10 gal compressor that won`t shut-off after it restarts when the pressure …

Switch spring location on Brute air compressor 
I know how generic that sounds but it is what I need to know. My compressor is a Brute. It's 10 gal. max 125 psi unit for light home DIY application. …

Brute runs for 5-10 seconds then trips the reset button 
Whether my 10 gallon Brute model 074004 starts from an empty tank or with some air in it, it only runs for a short period and then trips the reset switch. …

Need valve plate for 074005 
Hi I am in need of a valve plate for a Brute air compressor.I cant seem to find any info. Model #074005 Serial #008424 Thanks call 419-203-1488 …

Brute (Briggs and Stratton) not starting when I pull the start/stop button up 
I purchased a Brute (Briggs and Stratton) 10 Gallon 125PSI electric air compressor about 5 years ago. I have used it about 5 or 6 times with mild duty. …

Brute compressor blowing Oil with Very Few Hours 
I have a Brute 15-gallon model that's about 8 years old. However I use it only to work on my car, inflate tires, and blow out my lawn sprinkler system. …

no air comes out of hose 
tank says full of air but nothig comes out of ar hose.

B&S Brute #074004 Reed Valves 
Briggs Stratton Brute #074003/074004 10 Gal. 125PSI QUESTION: Where can I get both replacement reed valves shown in the attached photo?

Brute air compressor - loose cam bolt not available ... 
8x1.25 LEFT THREADED bolt holding cam to the motor shaft, below the piston, stripped. Called B&S, they have not returned my call!Not available in my local …

Brute compressor hums then pops the reset button 
Bill, I have a Brute Air Compressor. It has had a problem for a while. When I start my compressor with air in the tank, it pops the reset. I can drain …

Brute from Wal-Mart will not start 
When my tank is empty, it will start and fill the tank up to 120 psi, and then shut off, (as it should.) Once the tank is pressurized, and some of …

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Brute 15gal air leaking out under switch 
Replaced the check valve. Still leaking. Hopefully got the right check valve ordered one for brute 15 gal. The valve does get hot when I run the compressor. …

Brute 10 gallon air compressor won't kick back on ... 
I can turn it on with an empty tank and it will fill right up to 120 psi. If I'm using the air compressor frequently after it fills, it will drop down …

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