Loose cam bolt- unavailable?

by dave
(Knoxville, TN)

8x1.25 LEFT THREADED bolt holding cam to the motor shaft, below the piston, stripped. Called B&S, they have not returned my call!Not available in my local area, as most suppliers have never heard of that bolt. Another piece of China crap that gives Briggs & Stratton a bad name.

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Sep 04, 2013
Finally fixed loose bolt problem (?)
by: Dave-Knoxville

After 7 attempts, I finally have a working unit. I replaced the unfound bolt (LH thread) with a larger LH.Then, I redrilled & tapped a SAE RH bolt. Then, I used Locktite. Then I drilled & tapped 2 allan set screws. Then I redid last 3. Finally, I attached all 3 bolt/set screws, welded them all 3. Pushed the on button &--yep, it worked! Thanks, Bill & others. 9-4-13 2:30PM

Aug 31, 2013
bolt unavailable
by: Dave-Knoxville

Since no replacement cam bolt could be found & Briggs & Stratton would not answer my calls, I used Locktite & reassembled the unit & peened the end slighty. Will let you know. Thanks for a site that helps! Dave

Aug 30, 2013
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Good luck.

You might want to peen the bolt end a bit, too, if it is accessible.

Aug 29, 2013
by: dave-knoxville

Thanks repliers, I had some luck at Marshall's, but even they did not have the left handed tap with same size left handed bolt, so, I am going to drill the shaft a little bigger & tap a regular 3/16th 24 bolt, use lock-tight & hope it will work. Briggs-Stratton products are out for me. They have yet, to even return my call. I waited & waited on the tx & finally hung up. Dave

Aug 29, 2013
LH Bolt
by: Dave

Thanks for the info. The bolt is stripped on the end 1/3rd & it is a allan head, 8.8 hardness. I tried to even find a SAE Lefthand 3/16 tap to re-drill & tap- No can find! The threads in the shaft are probably not good, either. 8-29-13

Aug 28, 2013
stripped thread
by: spraggy

Has the bolt been stripped or the thread in the block?
What length bolt and is it shouldered or not please advise on hardness of bolt this can normally be found on bolt head ie 10.9 etc.

Aug 28, 2013
cam bolt
by: spraggy

Have you tried a specialist hardware& fastenings shop they may be able to help.

Aug 27, 2013
LH bolt
by: Doug in s.d.ca


Anyway, take a look at www.marshallshardware.com

They have practically everything...

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Brute 10 gal On/off button on air compressor pops back up

by Dan
( Conway,SC)

I have a Brute 10 gal vertical ac. When it is running, and I just want to shut it off, I push the red on/off button down but it will just pop right back up and continue to run. It feels like air pressure is pushing it back up.

It will cut off when the pressure reaches its limit.

I have drained the tank completely several times. Does something need an adjustment?

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