Brute 15gal air leaking out under switch

by Jim

Replaced the check valve. Still leaking. Hopefully got the right check valve ordered one for brute 15 gal. The valve does get hot when I run the compressor. Don't know if this is normal? The leaking air around the pressure switch slowed some but still leaks. Should I just buy a pressure switch assembly?

Jim, if the check valve did not get hot before you changed out, then based on that, no it is not normal. However, the line from the pump to the tank check valve does normally get quite hot (too hot to touch) and that heat would transfer to the check valve too, so I wouldn't worry to much about it... yet!

It is possible that the pressure switch itself is the source of the leak, so given that you have replaced the check valve, and assuming it is in correctly (did you flow through the ports to orient the flow?) then I guess you should try a new switch.

Even if it turns out to be the check valve anyway, after you install the new switch and if the leak doesn't stop, now you will have a spare pressure switch.

While the compressor is running, is air leaking out the same spot? If not, then it is almost certain that it is still the check valve that is leaking, but try the switch change out to be sure.



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