Brand new Clark boxer 200L leaking oil

by Blaze customs
(Swansea. Wales)

Its a day old .

Noticed a dribble of oil running down vessel. Left it for 30 mins, Checked oil but all was ok so started using it and noticed a smell of oil coming out airline.

Checked compressor and noticed oil leaking out crank case. It seemed very hot for jus 15 mins of use.

So downed tools and drained it.

And left compressor alone and contacted machine mart. After a lot of arguing they agreed to exchange it.

But now i have no faith in the compressor.

Bought it to supply spray booth with clean air.

Last thing i want is silicon or oil ruining a spray job. Don't know wat to do.

Thanks and regards. Brett

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Jan 27, 2016
by: Doug in

It's not clear if there's a break-in period specified for this machine, but did you do it as specified?

If not, that might relate to the problem.

You will need added filtering for your painting operation, in any case.

Jan 26, 2016
Clarke compressor leaking
by: Bill

Bad batch of compressors, perhaps?

Regardless, all oil lubed compressors put some lube oil in the air stream.

No air compressor supplies clean compressed air.

You need to read the pages about preparing the air for use found on this site, and in particular, read about coalescent filters here and how they remove oil from compressed air.

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