New bostitch does not automatically turn back on?

Brand new bostitch 6 gal oil free air compressor doesnt automatically turn back on?

just bought a the Bostitch pancake compressor combo and fresh out of the box it turns on and builds pressure but does not automatically restart after regulated pressure is used.
So, your compressor pumps up to xx pressure (what pressure is that, please), and you use some air, and the compressor doesn't turn back on?

What happens when you bleed the air in the tank down to zero PSI. Anything?

Assuming the pressure switch is set to run, watch and listen to the switch when you are bleeding the air pressure down. Does it do anything or make any sound?

Please post your response as a comment here so I can follow the thread on your Bostitch compressor issue.



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Jun 17, 2018
Bostitch does not automatically turn back on - Tony
by: Bill

And Tony, if your question is about a Bostitch, please provide the model, the normal cut out and cut in pressure settings are, and what pressure levels are you seeing the issue.

If your question is not about a Bostitch air compressor, please start a new thread in the ASK area or the forum on this site for your make of compressor.

Jun 17, 2018
I've got the same problem. by: Rik
by: Bill

And Rik, what is the normal start pressure for your Bostitch compressor? If it's above 125 PSI, then the compressor won't start until the tank pressure falls well below that.

If the start pressure is normally above 125 PSI, then it's the same issue as noted in Dennis' response, I believe.

Jun 17, 2018
C-Pack 6gal. 1850BN - Dennis
by: Bill

Does the motor on this model have a start capacitor?

If you check that power flow to the pressure switch and from the pressure switch with the tank pressure at least 10 PSI below the normal restart pressure, if power is flowing to the motor from the pressure switch, then it's not the switch.

That would point to the motor, hence the question of the start capacitor. By turning the pulley you are essentially starting the motor instead of the start cap helping the motor start.

Jun 16, 2018
Same problem
by: Tony

Same problem!! What were your suggestions?

Aug 11, 2016
I've got the same problem.
by: Rik

Mine is the 150 psi compressor, and it fills up to 150. But once I go through a few nails, the pressure has dropped...sometime to about 125. The compressor won't kick on to get back to 150.

What I have to do is release the hose and reattach it. Every time, it fills back up to 150.

About to do some trim 20' off the ground, and either I'm going to get a great climbing workout or I need to get another compressor.

Feb 01, 2014
C-Pack 6gal. 1850BN
by: Dennis

I have a Stanley Bostitch Air compressor that will not restart. I run off pressure and it will not start until I turn the pulley then it will kick on. Pressure switch?


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