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Some Bostitich compressor regulator issues

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Bostitch air compressor – Do I need regulator?

by Adam
(Dallas, Texas US)

I just bought a used 2hp/6 gal Bostitch portable air compressor and I noticed when I picked it up there was no regulator. I am just a diy guy and may use it with a nail gun, impact wrench, to air up tires, or just a blow gun.

My question is do I need the regulator? The max psi is around 150. Also the opening is 3/8 where I would add the regulator.

If I tapered into a 1/4 regulator then back out to my 3/8 hose would I lose a lot of “power” or velocity at my tool?

Yes Adam, in my opinion, you do need a regulator. Why? Have a look at the regulators page on this site to learn about what these useful devices can do for you, rather than me retyping it all here.

As to losing compressor flow through a regulator, yes, you will lose some, as all regulators regulate the flow of compressed air to reduce and maintain the downstream pressure.

The flow loss through the regulator will be less noticeable, as you want to run all of your air appliances at their lowest minimum operating pressure, to save money on energy, and to make your relatively small air supply last a bit longer before the compressor has to turn back on to catch up.

And sorry, except for a few brief seconds, I don’t think your compressor is big enough to handle an impact wrench. You just won’t get enough air.



Broke off the Bostitich OM200 air pressure regulator!

by Jim
(Palm Bay, FL)

I was putting my compressor away and broke off the Air Pressure Regulator.

Compressed Air Regulator
Compressed Air Regulator

I cannot find a replacement anywhere. I have a pancake OM200 2.0hp 6.0 gal. Any suggestions?

Jim, any general purpose air regulator will work if you can plumb it in.

You don’t say what broke, but if you’ve broken off the regulator with the male thread in the port on the compressor, you’ll have to replace that thread on the discharge pipe.

Why not see the videos page for a video on air regulators, and the page on how to select the correct replacement on this site.

Bostitch pancake regulator problem?

i have a Bostitch 2hp 150 compressor. It fills tank fine shoots out a little air and takes a while to shoot out more, tank is full.

Bostitch pancake style air compressor
Bostitch pancake style air compressor

Will not use blow gun, uses a little and drains what is in hose, not regulating from tank maybe regulator maybe????

Any common problems known? help thanks


If your compressor air tank is full of air, and when you use some, the pressure drops out of the blow gun or air tool, but the tank pressure falls only slightly, then you have an air flow impediment.

I wrote a great deal about that on the troubleshooting page about no air out of hose. Maybe have a look, and if you check all items referred to, I suspect you will solve the compressor problem.

It could be that your regulator is the problem. How to check and rectify that is described on those pages too, so rather than me retype all the same info, could you please have a look at those pages and then add a comment if you still need help?

By Bill Wade

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