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by Jeff
(Newmarket, Ontario, Canada)

My Bostitch 150 psi oil free air compressor will not turn off it kicks the on switch back on

When it builds up pressure my Bostitch 150 psi oil free air compressor will not allow me to shut off the compressor without plugging it out.

Bostitch air compressor
Bostitch air compressor

Worse than this the knob which allows me to control the amount of pressure released to sink nails deeper, will not stay it seems as if it is stripped.

What can I do to resolve these problems

Hi Jeff. Are you saying that your air compressor starts, builds pressure in the tank, the air pressure in the tank passes the normal cut out pressure, and the compressor keeps running?

If that is the case, does the compressor blow off the PRV?

When you set the downstream air pressure level with the regulator, are you saying that, if for example you had set the pressure at 80 PSI for the nailer, that the pressure gauge on the regulator shows a higher pressure?

Please provide a bit more info in a comment here so I can follow the thread.


kicks switch back on
by: Jeff

Hi Bill the pressure builds to 120 psi and then stops. While it is filling if I try to push the off switch the compressor kicks it back on.

The knob that controls the pressure I can fire a nail at seems to be stripped.



So, the cut out pressure is 120 PSI, and the compressor will stop at that pressure? If you turn the switch off before the pressure reaches that 120 PSI, and the switch pops back on, I suspect the switch is pooched. However, to ease the maintenance issue, let the compressor reach 120 PSI and stop automatically, or pull the plug when you’ve had enough. Either that, or get the switch checked out.

You didn’t answer me about the reading on the regulator gauge. If the knob is stripped from the inside (this is possible) it’s time for a new regulator. Try pushing the knob in or pull it out and see if it connects that way. Some regulators are built so that the knob can be disconnected internally by pulling or pushing the knob. If that doesn’t do anything, and you cannot adjust the downstream pressure, time for a new regulator.

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