Bostitch regulated pressure gauge drops drops

by Tony
(Seymour CT)

Pressure reading on regulated pressure gauge drops drops off when using an accessory.

I have a Bostitch BTFP02012 6 gallon pancake compressor. It has a cut in pressure of 120psi and a cut out pressure of 150 psi.

When I turn it on with the accessory attached it pressurizes and cuts out at 150 psi. However upon use ( in both cases I was using tools requiring a line pressure of 90 psi) the tools activate but lose pressure rapidly upon use and then the compressor struggles to to maintain gauge pressure and tank pressure never getting back to cut off pressure and never coming close to the 90PSI gauge pressure.

It is a brand new compressor and these 2 times are the only times it has been used. is there anything I can do to remedy this problem. Thank you

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Aug 05, 2018
Bostitch regulated pressure drops
by: Bill

At the factory rating of .08 HP, which is the motor size, your Bostitch BTFP02012 is generating less than the 4 CFM the sander needs, ergo, the pressure will always drop as the compressor isn't big enough to keep up with the air tool.

See the pages about sizing a compressor on this site which explain in detail how to size the compressor for the job.

Good luck.

Aug 05, 2018
Accessory pressure drop
by: Tony

The flow ratings for the 2 devices are as follows:

0.41 CFM stapler
4 CFM rotary sander.


Aug 04, 2018
Bostitch pressure drop off
by: Bill

Good that the tools require a 90 PSI line pressure.

What tools, and what CFM at that 90 PSI please?

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