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by Steve

I have ol 195 bostich.

It was not building pressure much at all.

Opened and found flapper valve broken on one.

Bought retro kit and changed it over to new kind, piston head, gaskets, head,etc.

Now it builds to 20_30 psi and just runs. May be check valve, or pressure switch, what else ?

The Bostitch model number OL195 refers to the pump on the compressor, Steve.

I believe the model is the Bostitch CAP60OF.

Regardless, it is doubtful that it is the pressure switch Steve, as the purpose of that switch is to turn the air compressor on when the pressure in the tank is low enough, and to turn it off when the pressure in the compressor tank gets high enough.

In between those two pressure settings the pressure switch does not provide any function except to let power flow to the motor circuit.

If the compressor is running and getting up to 20-30 PSI and no higher pressure, then the typical compressor problems are plugged intake filter, damaged intake valve, damaged pressure valve, piston seals or, and what is most likely in your case I would guess, is the internal gasket(s) are leaking.

Did you replace all gaskets with new, or use the old

?Let us know, will you?

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