Bostitch continues running constantly

by Dave
(W. Dundee, IL USA)

Usually the tank fills and the motor shuts off until more pressure is needed. Lately it has been running nonstop.

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Dec 03, 2016
Bostitch continues running
by: Bill

If, when the tank pressure reaches the normal cut out pressure setting, if the compressor does not cut out and stop, that usually means that the pressure switch has failed.

Next time the compressor tank pressure bypasses cut out, can you use a meter to check for power on the motor side. If there is power there, and the tank pressure has bypassed the normal cut out, that pretty much confirms it is the switch.


Is the tank pressure getting to the normal cut out pressure?

If the compressor runs and runs but doesn't build to cut out, then there are other issues. There is a troubleshooting page on this site to address that.

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