Bostitch CAP60P-OF will not shut off - builds pressure fine.

My Bostitch CAP60P-OF will not shut off. It builds pressure fine, but will not shut off. If I set the regulator knob at 100 psi, it continues well past that mark. I'm always afraid to let it go in fear that it will blow up :) Do I just have a faulty Pressure Reducer or is there something else wrong?

Just to be clear, your air compressor starts OK when the pressure in the tank drops to the cut in pressure, but when the pressure in the tank reaches the compressor normal cut out pressure, the compressor doesn't stop, but keeps pumping up pressure past that point?

What is the normal cut in and cut out pressure setting for your Bostitch CAP 60?

At what pressure are you shutting your air compressor down?

Please see the pages on this site that relate what the various components of the air compressor do. If you think that the pressure regulator (the thingy with the gauge and the knob) has something to do with the pressure at which your air compressor starts and stops, then you are a bit misguided.

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