Bostitch CAP1512 air compressor will not shut off.

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I have a Bostitch CAP1512 air compressor. It will not shut off at 150 lbs and the safety valve keeps popping, says Mike Mercier.



I’ve uploaded a photo of the CAP1512 for folks to see what this model is like.

If my memory serves… and that’s debatable for sure, I think I’ve read or seen this issue pop up before, Mike.

Good that the PRV is working and protecting you from catastrophic over pressure, but I sure wouldn’t to rely on that as my only option.

So, since the symptom certainly points to the pressure switch as having failed, and since they pressure switch for the Bostitch CAP1512 is readily available, it were me, I’d be changing out the pressure switch before I used the compressor again.

It’s not a difficult repair since there are only two wires on the switch. Get a new switch, thread out the old, thread in the new, and attach the same wires to the two terminals and, if the new switch isn’t part of a bad batch, your compressor should be back in business.

Give us a heads up about how that worked out for you, will you? Thanks.


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