Bostitch CAP 2000
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Bostitch's CAP 2000 series air compressors appear to be in wide use so there are lots of folks looking for tips about their use and upkeep.

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Reverse Thread on Squirrel Cage Head Cap Screw

from Gord

Just fought this battle. Three comments to share that may be helpful to someone else:
- on my Bostitch model CAP2000P-OF the squirrel cage hex screw was reverse threaded.
- I used a long half inch spade bit to remove the tie rods. The spade bit caught the slots in the nut and I was able to jam a small straight head screwdriver in the other end twisting it between the round rod head and the plastic case to stop it spinning enough to get the nut off with the drill spinning in reverse.
- I had to use tie wraps to temporarily position and hold the replacement belt on the drive wheel while prying the remainder of it on with two flat head screw drivers.

Help removing the long bolts that hold the housing together?

from Doug in

The bolt has an M5 - 5mm head. You may have trouble finding the socket, but it's out there.

How to remove the crank in order to replace the belt.

from Doug in

Remove the fan cage (4mm hex, left-hand thread). Rock the crank off with screwdriver. Install belt. Use screwdriver to hold it on the drive pully, turning the driven pully.

How to remove the plastic shroud?

from Anonymous

Use a 5/16" driver to remove the 2 long bottom bolts. (** might be 5MM ) You have to unscrew from the nut side, not the side that looks like you would use a straight blade screw driver. Also the shroud is easier to remove if you take off the brass fitting where the air hose connects. After you remove the shroud, you can remove the plastic cover on the pressure switch and there is an adjustment bolt that sticks out, has a 10mm head. There are + - indicators stamped near the bolt so you can tell which way increases max pressure and which way decreases.

also from Anonymous

Use the 5/16 driver to secure the head of the bolt, then back out the nut on the other end with a flat head screwdriver. You will need a wire hanger or a small and long punch to knock the bolt out of the other side.