Bostich Compressor still wont reach 150 PSI

by Steve
(Hackettstown NJ)

Bostich Compressor wont reach 150 PSI 6 gallon pancake Cpack 6 gallon 1050BN

I replaced the piston, cylinder, piston ring, both reeds, all gaskets. It builds up to 120 almost 130 and that's it.
I have had it a part a couple of times with the new parts. The gasket between the plates is new and I have been careful to not damage it when I disassembled it.

The only thing left is the plates are they next?



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Jan 25, 2016
Thank you for telling us you've solved your Bostitich compressor problem
by: Bill

Thanks for letting us all know, Steve.

Jan 25, 2016
Follow up
by: Steve


Problem was the pipe from the compressor head to the one way valve. It was leaking at the one way valve. Visual inspection was fine the only clue was the compression ferrule was slightly loose.

How I found it: I used very soapy water (dish liquid) dripped it on the joints. When I started to hit 100 lbs it started to bubble.

I fabricated a replacement out of copper tubing I had because I could not get a new ferrule to fit on the aluminum pipe. The aluminum is slightly thicker than the copper, they must press them on.

Thanks for the advice!

Jan 21, 2016
AC power
by: Steve

The compressor is plugged directly into a 20 Amp circuit in my work room that is a dedicated line.

The motor seems fine it is not running slow or overheating.

The comment regarding heat is pertains to the compressor itself. I don't want to damage it by running it for an extended period of time when it should be shutting off.

Thanks for your reply!

Jan 21, 2016
Bostitich still won't build pressure
by: Bill

"Can the pipe between the compressor head and valve leak only at higher pressures.. I will check it again but it seems OK" Probably not, but worth a check.

You are suggesting that the motor is getting hot since you don't want to burn it up.

Tell me about the compressor power supply. What is the amperage of the breaker / fuse on the circuit that the compressor is plugged into?

If the power supply is fine, you might also look at the pages about capacitors on this site, and if you can find your motor capacitors, they could stand a check to ensure that they are OK.

Jan 21, 2016
More info
by: Steve


The compressor will keep running. It may still be building minimally but I don't want to burn it up.
It seems like it hits a brick wall at the 120-130 range.

It holds pressure in the tank with a slight maybe 2 -5 lb loss over night, so if there is a leak it's very small. Over 3 -4 day it may loose 10 lbs pressure.

Can the pipe between the compressor head and valve leak only at higher pressures.. I will check it again but it seems OK

Do the slots in the plate wear out? They seem OK the old reeds didn't seem to show much wear at the ends I figured since I had it apart I should replace them.

Jan 21, 2016
What's next on Bostitich
by: Bill

Steve, what is happening when the compressor gets to "almost 130 PSI"? Does it stop?

You have checked carefully for any air leaks, including the tank drain?

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