Bostich BTFP02028 gets to 60 psi, stays running

by Marc
(Lexington, SC USA)

I hate to send in a request for info/help but I cant seem to find anything on what to do to troubleshoot this Bostich electric compressor. I would replace reeds if I could find them or anything if I knew what to replace. I took the little motor apart but it seems as if its all ok. Weird.

Its the Bostich BTFP02028, 26 gallon, 150psi, electric oiless compressor: I got this compressor about 2 years ago and only used it a few times. Like once every 3 months for 10 or 20 minutes. When it stopped going past 60 psi and just stayed running, I took the top of the compressors motor off, the gaskets seem ok, cleaned it all up(wasn't really a mess at all though) and just not sure what to do next to trouble shoot it.

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May 11, 2016
by: Doug in


Take look here for benefits of larger tanks:

But also bear in mind duty cycle and maximum run time for the compressor pump.

May 10, 2016
To Doug in SD, CA
by: marc carraway

Yes sir. I think you're 100% correct about maybe fixing the broken, 1 year old one for a back up. Or maybe putting a new motor on the top where the other one was from the big cheapy chain store that opens a new store every 15 minutes or so!

Couldn't I buy a motor and just slap it on there? I doubt its anywhere near that easy that the word, "slap it on", combined with any motor and an old tank, would work.

Anyway, if I were going to do another motor, I'm thinking you guys would tell me something like, why wouldn't I just get another one the motors that actually goes on this tank I guess.

Maybe I could use a "y", then use the tank as extra 26gals of air to combine with the 33 gallons that the new one has? I don't even know that there's any benefits to tie in a 2nd tank to an existing compressor to tell you the truth.

This 33 gallon one I got was too inexpensive NOT to buy it. I didn't think I wanted it but the price made me buy it. I couldn't get anywhere near the specs or features I guess(whatever we call them)for anywhere close to this cheap.

Doug's right, I'm sure it's China. But aren't they all if they're affordable? I really didn't want it, but I was forced by the low price to get it. I am very anxious to see:

A) How much power it really has, like will it get the crankshaft bolt off?

B) How long will it last? Thats the question as well.

But it is actually quiet! It's elec, but it's the quietest one by far out of the 3 I've used over the last 3 years. That 26 gal elec that blew up, the 21 gal oil one that wont run for over 6 seconds before tripping its own reset button(not the breaker in house, the little red button on the actual compressor) which, btw, I would use if it wouldn't cut off like 6 to 10 secs in.

Oh well, THANKS DOUG! Thanks anyone that shoots any suggestions as well!

May 08, 2016
big box compressors
by: Doug in

Yeah, as has been the case for many moons, most big box compressors are made by a manufacturer (usually China these days) and then they paint/label it for their customer.

So there does tend to be a lot of similarity. The big difference MAY be service / warranty / availability of parts.

Good luck with your new machine. You might want to consider fixing the other one as a backup, given your needs.

May 04, 2016
thats the part!
by: marc carraway

Doug, you are the man! That link you found does look like it shows the part.

It also shows the whole assembly for the 172 bucks or so but at this site you found with that 172 pump, or motor, or whatever you call it(Bill would know, for sure!), it also has the piston rubber ring and the cylinder that's all gouged up!

Thanks Doug! But it may be a little too late. I went and bought that dang Craftsman elec, 33 gal, that's identical to the Husky 33 gal. And I mean IDENTICAL, down to the specs except the color. Other than the color, they are IDENTICAL. So because the Husky was lot more, for the same compressor, I bought the dang Craftsman. Oh well. It's quiet at least!

Thanks for finding that link to those parts for the Bostitch!!

May 02, 2016
by: Doug in

I don't see a ref to a type 2, but this is supposed to be for a type 1, and they say they have the cylinder and piston for less than $20:

and who knows how much shipping.
The servicenet says back-ordered to end of this month.

May 02, 2016
Bostitch btfp02028 no air
by: marc carraway

Thank you a lot Doug and Bill! You're a huge help with this dilemma here. I HAVE to have an air compressor. Theres no way around it. I do some auto work(not really any auto painting but I have done a little bit of painting a fender and other little body parts here and there with this 26 gal Bostitch) But it's for the impact tools and grinders, etc, mostly. So a compressor is imperative!

I started with the HF 21gal oil, as most people do then they realize it was a waste of money and try to upgrade for as little as possible, then realize that was just as bad of a move as the black hf 21 gal one. So I am finally ready to spend but I really still dont know what to get for my needs. I wil def head over to the "selecting your air compressor" link you have for some help!

But real quick, can I buy a new motor and mount it onto this bostitch's big 26gal tank maybe? HF sells a motor by itself.
Or can you find a 110 elec or oil that's bigger than this 26 gallon Bostitch? Like a 30 or more gallons but still only require a 110 instead of a 220?
And lastly, is it really a good idea to buy another Bostitch btfp02028 and use this bad one for any parts in the future? Remember, this one died fast I feel like.
Oh yea, those grooves in the piston's walls and on the piston seem like they're NOT suposed to be there at all. Like they came later after use. I could be wrong but I dont think so. Wish I knew.

Thank you all very much! And Thank you for this more than helpful site.

May 02, 2016
Bostitch btfp02028 no air
by: Bill

You say "the piston "ring" was like some type of rubber and it wasn't in the best shape at all".

I would surely think that if the piston seal is in poor shape, that's a big part of the problem. As you point out, the air that is supposed to be driven into the tank would simply cycle back and forth around the seal after the tank reaches the 60 PSI mark, and it's easier for the air to bypass the seal than the back pressure on the tank check valve.

I cannot comment on the grooves in the cylinder as I have not seen them, except to say that if they come with the compressor, they are there for a reason. If they were malformed by the compressor operation, then a new cylinder and piston is in order for sure.

Interesting that this compressor is still for sale since I found a listing for it as shown -

"Bostitch BTFP02028 26 Gallon 150 PSI Oil-Free Vertical Air Compressor
$399.99 / $259.99 You Save 35%"

I was also able to locate parts for this compressor at including a pump assembly, and various pump assembly parts. The pump assembly was offered at $183.75 though, and as I compare that cost and the labor involved to fix the compressor versus the cost of a new one, it were me, I'd buy the new and use the old one for parts to repair the new one when it, inevitably fails, as all compressors will eventually fail.

If you do decide to buy a new compressor, check out the things you want to consider in the compressor buying pages on this site. One of the most important things to consider is... where do you get parts and service when the compressor fails.

May 01, 2016
reply to Bostitch btfp02028
by: Anonymous

It holds the 60 psi. Its like theres no leak but is that even possible? It just wont fill up all the way, or past the 60psi area.

I cant really find much help with this air compressor. Like its maybe a "good" one and thats why there isnt much info out there or is it because not many folks own this model? I know there cant be too many people that would've bought this for the money it cost. But I'm sort of dumb sometimes and now stuck with it, myself.

I did see that the piston "ring" was like some type of rubber and it wasn't in the best shape at all. I bought this compressor 18 months ago. (I finally found receipt) It hasn't really worked in like 5 months.

Oh, and the piston that has that black little rubber ring at the top of it, that slides in and out of the walls that the piston goes into and out of, well, those walls of that big "tube" it goes up and down in, have vertical issues all the way around the inside of it. They're like indented in a long top to bottom of the wall skinny rectangle, it's like the whole tubular wall is indented, the pistons walls are not smooth in any shape or form whatsoever! Its one after another, all the way around, just none of the wall is smooth, anywhere, at all! Its probably not able to push air as the air is probably going right past the piston as the piston strokes up. Could that be possible? And if so, the place I found that sells parts for this compressor has stopped selling the piston and ring, or that tube it goes up and down in(that has all those vertical grooves indented in it all the way around it) They have "discontinued" those parts. It says it still sells the valve plats and stuff but not the piston, the rubber piston ring, or the housing tube with the walls that the piston pushes up and down into, Stopped selling those parts for this Bostitch I bought at Walmart 18 months ago. (got receipt, found it, and it has a 1, ONE, 1 year warranty!)

Apr 29, 2016
Low pressure
by: Doug in

Could be a leak.

What happens(ed) when you stop it manually?

Does the 60psi hold, or drain down?

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