Blows Seal out around crankshaft

by George
( Asotin Washington usa)

I purchased this compressor used so I have no past history about it, the concern I am having is after the compressor runs for a short time it will blow the crankshaft seal blows out of the crankcase housing!

I reinstalled it and it repeatedly will blow the seal out.

It's pretty obvious the concern is caused by crankcase pressure.

My question is how is this pump suppose to vent the normal pressures that are present anytime you have rotating parts ?

I do question if it has a ring problem but it does seems to build air pressure in the tank rapidly, and I cannot see anywhere the crankcase is suppose to vent on this pump !

Any suggestion would be great.
The compressor pump is a Curtis D-96

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Sep 29, 2016
blows seal
by: Doug in

If I were you I'd try plugging the oil fill hole with a rag or something, and see if that keeps the seal from blowing.

There may be an internal bleed hole for sump - clogged.

If that works, then you probably need to do a tear-down, and possibly find that intentional leak, or maybe the blow-by is just too much to vent as intended.

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