Blowing the hair out of barber clippers

by Leisa
(Aubrey texas)

I would like to have a compressor that will blow out my hair clippers and hair off the counters I do have a small one that they use for painting which it is not powerful enough, I would also would like to have the connections for blowing air , not a paint connection spray blower,very hard to find, please help

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Jun 06, 2018
Compressor for flowing off barber bench etc.
by: Bill

"a small one that they use for painting which it is not powerful enough" Odd that. Normally compressors that run paint guns have lots of flow.

Or, is yours a compressor for air brush, and even if that, if it has a tank, there should be enough "power?

So, I'll interpret your comment that you have a small air compressor that provides air, but the air stream (not the pressure, the flow) is too low or doesn't last long enough for the job?

Find yourself a small air compressor within your budget, but one with the largest air tank you can afford. It's the size of the tank that will allow you to blow lots of hair off counters, and allow you to do so without the compressor running all the time.

A blow gun does use a lot of air. So, buy a cheapie air compressor with as big a tank as you can, ensure that it comes with a PVC air line - meaning that the coupler and the connector should be on one end of the air line and the coupler should also be on the other.

Also buy a small air gun from the same store, and get them to plug it into the outlet on the compressor to be sure that the connector fits.

Make sure that the compressor has a regulator, and dial down the pressure to the point where the combination blows the hair with the least amount of air possible. That will allow a longer blow off period without having the compressor needing to recharge the tank.

Knowing how often and how long you use the air for blow off would help further defining your compressor needs.

Amazon or local hardware stores or big box stores should offer a wide selection.

One more thing, the cheaper the air compressor the less likely that it will run for years and years, and when it breaks as it will, you won't likely be able to get parts.

Good luck.

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