Blowing Out Sprinklers

Got an issue with blowing out sprinklers, or winterizing water lines for home, cottage or RV?

I do get a lot of questions about this issue. So many that I decided it was time to have a page with questions and answers for all of the folks looking for information on what to do, and what not to do, about blowing out sprinklers etc.

Blowing out sprinklers before the deep freeze arrives is important. Damage to a sprinkler system pipe occurs when that pipe remains partially or completely full of water during the cold winter months. In the winter, that trapped sprinkler water freezes. Water expands as it freezes, and if the there's no place for the forming ice to go as it enlarges from the freezing process the greater volume of ice is powerful enough to rupture the sprinkler pipe. The key is to have sufficient volume to adequately fill the sprinkler lines to ensure that all water is driven out.

You need to be able to connect an air supply to the sprinkler lines at the highest point of them, and open the line at the lowest point. By flowing compressed air at relatively low pressure but high volume into the lines, all water will be driven before the air and out the drain end.

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Blowing Out Sprinkler Lines

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