blowing out irrigation

by Mike

For years 3 different sprinkler companies have all blown the compressed air through the backflow when winterizing system. I have found out this should never be done. My question is what kind of fitting should I install downstream from the backflow and how this should be done.

Mike, I've moved this to the page about blowing out sprinkler lines. Lots of info for you here.

When you say blowing the lines through the backflow, do you mean that they are trying to blow the lines against the one-way, check valve? I don't understand the term backflow?

There are a number of sources for fittings that allow you to connect your air line to the sprinkler system. If my memory serves me, some of them may even be shown on the blowing out sprinkler lines pages.


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Oct 23, 2013
by: Doug in

Being in a temperate, non-freezing area, I'm unaware of the specifics, and I do have an idea (as does Bill), but:

Can you put up a pic of whatever they've been using and at least a description of how they do whatever it is they have been doing?

There may be a sort of 'standard' or commonly used fitting for your purpose, and if so, you should probably go with that.

Otherwise, my choice would be whatever is easy/cheap/functional, so long as it is after the anti-siphon or check valve.

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