Blowing fuse on compressor

by Ray

I have a small "Campbell Hausfeld" oil less compressor model number FP200300AV. Every time I turn the switch on, it blows the fuse inside. It has a 3A fuse in there, but instructional manual calls for a 5a fuse. So I put the 5a fuse in and that blew. All the wires look good and don't appear to be shorting out. What could this problem be?

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May 07, 2018
Blowing fuse
by: Wayne

Sweet 👍🏼

May 07, 2018
Disintegrating compressor
by: Bill

Hope you were referring to your compressor and not my advice, Wayne? :-)

When I get the page rebuilt, your comment has made my home page.

Cheers... Bill

May 06, 2018
Compressor blowing fuse
by: Wayne

Bill thank you so much for your advice.
I had fun driving down the kwinana fwy at 110 and pushing it out the window of my truck and watching it disintegrate. 👍🏼

May 02, 2018
Compressor motor should spin...
by: Bill

Right, it should.

The fan is attached to the same motor shaft that runs the pump. If the power is on to the motor and the tank is empty of air, the motor should start and the fan should spin.

That yours does not rotate sure suggests that the compressor motor is pooched.

If you were handy, and could find out what the amp draw of the motor should be, and use a multimeter to check and see what's happening when the compressor motor tries to start, that might further identify the problem... but to keep it simple, it's the motor... something on it isn't working right, and they are pretty much not fixable in that it might cost more to try and fix than the cost of the whole compressor.

May 01, 2018
Blowing fuse on startup
by: Wayne

Sorry Bill, i meant the motor isn’t spinning, it’s not seized solid, it looks like the fan blades on the motor are spinning but i painted one of the fan blades and that showed that it wasn’t spinning it was stalled, buzzing back and forth.
Which is the reason it’s blowin the fuse.
The motor should spin right.?

May 01, 2018
Fuse blows on compressor start up...
by: Bill

Not quite sure what you meant when you said that it's stuck back and forward, but if you meant that the motor is seized, then yes, that could do it.

In either case, the source of the fault is at the motor, whether a loose wire causing a short, a capacitor fault... or the motor itself.

Apr 30, 2018
Blowing fuse on startup
by: wayne

Hi Bill, i have done all the tests with my little compressor, as it doesn’t have some of the components of the bigger ones.
The fuse is blowing instantly as i hit the on switch, nothing else makes a noise or moves, nothing.
So i wired power straight to the motor and the motor didn’t start spinning, it was stuck going back and forward.
Is this an obvious sign the motor is faulty or not necessarily.?

Apr 28, 2018
Wayne... same compressor problem
by: Bill

Please respond to the questions in the earlier post. More info is needed about your air compressor too to provide and answer.

Apr 27, 2018
I have same problem same compressor ...
by: Wayne Pennington

..."Campbell Hausfeld" oil less compressor model number FP200300AV.

Did this get resolved at all ?

I have the same small compressor, same problem.

May 13, 2017
Campbell Hausfeld fuse
by: Bill

How long have you had it, what use level (everyday, sporadically), is this a brand new issue, how are you getting power to the compressor, please?

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