Black Max motor will not run

I took my compressor motor to the electric motor repair shop I was told the motor was fine and to replace the compressor switch.

More placed the switch with rated at 220 v 145 to 175 psi.

The solenoid a have been replaced.

Good power to the motor.

It will not kick on.

It is black max horizontal with two Pistons.

I cannot figure out what is wrong.

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Oct 17, 2015
Motor has power at lines motor spins freely doesn't appear physically bad
by: Anonymous

Yes power is definitely getting to the motor when I checked it before on the 2 line wires.The pressure switch seems to be working like you described so I considered that to not be the problem from the start.My question is if there is another switch that has to make connection for the line wires to flow through the motor?If I have power to the line wires and nothing is it the motor definitely.I think there are 6 terminals on the motor itself all with continuity between them .Desperately looking for a way to 100% way to narrow this down to the proper diagnosis of this issue

Oct 11, 2015
Verified power motor won't start or even hum.No sound at all from compressor at power up
by: Anonymous

I'm having the same problem too no sound whatsoever comes from anything when you plug in the compressor but I have verified that the solenoid switch seems to be working it has power going through it when its on but the compressor makes no noise whatsoever and I verified that power was getting to the motor but it just will not kick on.

My question is could it be a start or run capacitor would not even let the motor kick on?

Also my overload switch has two wires which have continuity I think that's right till it kicks off I assume.

Also I don't know if I'm supposed to hear Maya compressor pressure valve switch quick cuz I just absolutely hear nothing.

Any input advise direction on which way to go would be greatly appreciated.

Also to add the motor spins freely and doesn't seem to be damaged

Oct 10, 2015
Good power to motor
by: Bill

Let's look at power. When the compressor is off at high pressure cut out, the power supply to the motor should be stopped at the pressure switch.

With the tank empty of air, power should be flowing through the pressure switch to the motor. Is this the case?

If so, and you have checked power as it arrives at the start cap, is power getting past the start cap to the motor?

If so, and the motor is not starting or attempting to start, and you have the right voltage and a full power supply, then it's pretty much got to be a cap or the motor itself.

Oct 09, 2015
by: Dallas

Yes the start capcitor and run capicitors are brand new.

Oct 09, 2015
Black Max motor
by: Bill

Just to be absolutely certain, when you say the motor shop said the motor was fine, did they actually check the start capacitor?

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