Binks air hose end is smaller than old air hose end

by Garrett Meadows
(Baton Rouge)

New air hose end is smaller than old air hose end on my Binks.

I have an old but functional Binks air compressor. I had to buy a new air hose and discovered that the end of the new air hose that screws into the receptacle on the Binks air compressor is smaller than the receptacle. I'm wondering if air hose ends ave been re-standardized since that Binks was made. Is there some sort of adaptor I can put between the Binks and my new air hose? Or does Binks make an air hose specific to their machines?

Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.
Garrett Meadows

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Jun 29, 2017
air hose
by: Doug in

Good work.

Most hoses you'll find are 1/4 NPT.

Sounds like your pump is either 3/8 or half inch.

But now that you've got the bushing, you can go ahead and add a quick disconnect set, which will be 1/4 inch.

If you looked at the pipe size chart, you'll see that *pipe* sizes are usually around a quarter inch bigger, because it's the inside diameter you're talking about. But even that can be off, because of the way they used to *cast* pipe, and now they can make the inside larger because of extrusion processes. The outside thread size stays the same for compatibility.

Jun 29, 2017
Boy, do I feel like an idiot
by: Garrett Meadows

I took my new nose and unscrewed the receptacle that goes to the tank and took it to my local Ace Hardware store do show the owner what the problem was. He took one look and said, "Oh, you need a bushing. I got one right here!" Of course, I had no idea what a bushing was until I saw it. And it worked like a charm. He screwed the bushing into the receptacle and then easily screwed the end of the new hose into the receptacle. It was just that easy.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm just learning about automative mechanics and machinery functioning/repair.

thanks to every one who responded.

Jun 28, 2017
binks hose?
by: Doug in

Sounds like it's just a female pipe thread in the tank??? Or on the pump itself?

That's a little unusual, but if you have trouble figuring it out, maybe we could better help if you could send a couple of pix.

You might want to add a coupler if there isn't one, as it'll make replacements in the future easier.

To do that, start a new thread with the same title, and Bill can merge the pix into here...

Good luck.

Jun 28, 2017
Binks air hose end
by: Bill

While I doubt that the size standards have changed, that a new fitting size is being used now isn't a surprise.

You don't indicate what size the old or new is?

Please see the NPT and Metric fitting pages on this site to help you identify the size of the fitting.

If you are talking about different connectors to couplers, see those pages for more info too.

Let us know what you found, will you?

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