Binks Air Compressors

While they may have sold air compressors it seems to me that Binks air compressors were an accessory, offered by Binks to supplement their broad range of spray painting and coating equipment.

The current Binks Company - and their corporate predecessors - have over 100 years experience in coatings applications for diverse industries. Their manufacturing arm is in Tennessee, while the head office is located:

Binks Air Compressors Contact Information

Binks Corporate Offices
195 Internationale Blvd.
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
T: 1-800-99-BINKS
T: (630)237-5000

I was unable to determine who originally made the Binks air compressors for them, and when Binks stopped selling and supporting their house brand. If you have that information, please add using the form below.

Binks air compressor

I did get an email from John, who writes... "Found out some info on the Binks conpressors. Most of them were made by Quincy ... and Binks assembled the packages. The 210 etc. numbers. were Quincy numbers. The Quincy QR line is the replacement. Mesa EQ. supposed to sell parts." Thanks for that, John.

Art says "The 325 Quincy seems to be a smaller version of my Binks 33-1036. All the parts look the same." If you visit the Quincy compressors page on this site you can download a copy of the manual, and parts lists, courtesy of Art.

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Binks 325 compressor wont unload 
Its leaking past the rings and i cant see if there is oil pressure, thanks

Binks 33-517 (Quincy 210?) 
Pumps to 115 psi, switches to some kind of standby mode with motor & pump running but compressor is no longer pumping. I do not hear any blow-off of …

Need Info on Binks 33-585 
I am looking for the following for this compressor (See attached photos): 1. Specifications (Horsepower requirements, pressure and flow output, etc.) …

Help identifying unknown binks compressor 
Only number are x8-84 in pump but tank says binks. What is it?

Need help to wire up Binks 331144 motor 
Need to wire up motor has no diagram and has seven wires coming out of it and none of it is hooked up. It a 331144.

Binks model 33-1128 constant speed unloader problem 
Hi Bill I have a Binks model 33-1128 unit with a Quincy X8 compressor. If I manually push in the constant speed unloader to seat the ball it will run …

Air compressor shuts off but will not unload air psi off pistons. 
Air compressor pumps up to 175 psi kicks off but will not unload pressure off pistons . It did at first about a year ago approx. would like to know …

How much oil in a binks 702787? 
How much oil does a 1970 Binks air compressor take model 702787?

Binks 33-1115 compressor only goes to 75 PSI 
Just wondering how to increase the pressure? It only goes to 75 PSI. Also, what size tank is this? This was a donation to our agency and I know very …

33-3032 knock 
hi.i have a binks 33-3032 compressor.although it seems to work ok there is what sounds like a rod bearing knock.

What kind of oil for compressor? 
What kind of oil do I need for model DE695 air compressor its a kohler 6 1/2 horse power . I need oil for the Compressor

When Binks 33-1032 running, air is leaking out of the top of the compressor 
I have a Binks 33-1032. When the compressor is running, the air is leaking out of the hole on the top of the compressor. When it's not running, no leak. …

33-521 will not pump up to pressure when cold 
Model 33-521–serial 453048L.—in cold weather won’t pressure up. May run but not compress over 20 lbs pressure. Ok in warm weathers

Looking for piston and ring kit 33-566 
Pressure builds in base and blows out oil dipstick hole

Unknown Binks Air Compressor - 859s? 
My father was given the contents of a neighbor's garage and found a Binks air compressor. The only markings he can find on it are 859s. Any further knowledge …

Change plug and voltage on Binks? 
Bink's lo-boy has a 3 prong round in shape & is 15 amp ,is this 220 it says 230 I'm not sure if I can just put a common 110 plug in on it?

Need head parts for 33-517 
I have a Binks Model 33-517 Serial 210 5 and am needing head parts. Tried to download the parts manual and could not. RW

Repair kit for a 33-538?  
It fails to pump. Pulled the valves out ,lots of carbon holding disks open on exhaust valves,are there valve repair kits available for this compressor? …

33-576 has air leaking out of air intake after unit shuts off causing compressor to cycle on and off. 
Binks: Model 33-576 Serial 325-11-5303110-L Type: 33-1032 33-576 has air leaking out of air intake after unit shuts off causing compressor to cycle …

Binks C 1/4 E 
I see by the tag, basic info. What I am curious about is era, what it's primary purpose was, and its relative worth. It works, and I use it at my shop …

Identify my binks? 
210 1 Ser 452590 s

Servicing a Binks 33-1142 
Hi there! After my mother kicked out her dead-beat husband, he left behind a Binks 33-1142 air-compressor that is really old but still works pretty …

Oil for Binks 33-596 
What type of oil should I use in my Binks 33-596. Also What part number oil filter should I get. Will it interchange with an automotive number?

Binks runs but does not build up air 
Compressor runs but does not build up air pressure it is not pulling air through the air filter.

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what type oil for Binks/Quincy 210-2 
i inherited a Binks/Quincy 210-2 powered by a Yanmar 6hp diesel. the oil in the compressor is dirty. i only took photos of ID tags

Need a Belt Guard for Binks 33-1048 Compressor 
I have a Binks 33-1048 air compressor that I need a belt guard for safety reasons and my insurance company. The large pulley on the pump side is 24" in …

Bink's won't build pressure 
turns on and runs but won't build pressure. starts to pump and then you hear a difference in the sound of the compressor and it runs and runs then it kicks …

Compressor blows breakers and compressor value? 
hi I was needing to know any information you have on this, how many gallons? How much is it worth? Every time we use it it blows the breaker. …

What is the max pressure of 34 - 2025 compressor 
What is the max pressure for a Binks model 34 - 2025 like to use a light fuel line max pressure 50 PSI. Will it work?

Builds pressure very slowly 
works too hard , builds pressure too slowly and is very noisy

Output of Binks 33-1172 with a Westinghouse 1.5 HP motor. 
I would like to know what its output is. Does anybody have any information? (You may wish to read the pages on this site about compressor output and …

Want to wire my Binks Compressor 
Just inherited a Binks compressor and want to know how to wire it and what materials I need. Model # 33-1142 / 1 1/2 h.p. motor Can I use a 2 pole …

Find parts for binks compressor 33-526 
It is a 3 h.p.compressor 1 stage two cylinder Binks model 33-526.It take 25 minute to charge up to 90 p.s.i.when put some oil in the intake while it is …

air compressor flow on old Binks lo boy compressor 
Gentlemen, I have an old Binks lo boy compressor with a 1 1/2 hp electric motor. I'm interested in finding the CFM it produces at 60lbs. What size spray …

Information about a Brink compressor 33-566 
My Binks model#33-566, serial#310-22, takes a while to build air pressure(0 to 150 lbs. in 35 minutes). After shutting down, a puffing sound every 3 seconds …

my binks 33-1036 compressor is blowing off air 
My binks 33-1036 compressor is blowing off air when it starts up which is common . But mine is blowing off for about 5 minutes and maybe longer. Do you …

Gas motor for a binks 33-516 compressor ? 
I have a binks 33-516 air compressor that the electric motor has went bad on. I was going to buy a gas motor that I could use as a portable compressor …

Looking for parts for Binks air compressors 
I have a Binks 33-517 pump that I found at an antique store some years ago. I bought it just because it looked like it could be useful. Now is the time …

Rotation of motor on Binks Model #33-105 
Model #33-105, recently moved our shop, no markings on unit denoting rotation & no manual. Does the air get drawn over the compressor body, through …

Banks pressure switch conversion 
This is a great compressor but I do not need it for painting or any other application where it needs to run continuously. It does have an air tank (about. …

Parts list, configuration and information about Binks compressors 
Binks 106-11-57135L with Los Angeles Butane Tank Co tank just acquired the above described rig with a Wagnor Induction Motor model 203-47600-00 is …

Air dryer for binks type 331036 5HP 
I need to install an air dryer on a binks air compressor type 331036 4632 5HP. I Need to know the CFM to match it to a correct dryer.

Want help with date of manufacture of this Binks compressor 
Hello, I see there are several of us Binks owners in need of info. I just bought a Binks model 33-518 (Quincy 210) off of Craigslist. A beast of a little …

Need help with a Model# 33-517 Serial# 210-5 Binks 
I need a repair kit if available. And also a parts manual. Model# 33-517, Serial# 210-5, This next number was undereath the serial number on its own …

How old is my Binks compressor 
I have an old Binks air compressor that was my dads, maybey even my grandfathers. I am trying to find out aruond the year it was made. On the base is a …

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