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Binford gas driven compressor pressure valve opens

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It’s a Binford compressor with a 5.5hp Honda Motor. The Motor will start easy, builds up pressure nicely, then when it reaches 120psi the pressure valve opens (this valve is on the side of motor and has a 1/4 hose than runs to the pop off valve on the air tank ) and the Honda goes to idle.

Binford electric compressor
Binford electric compressor – only image of a Binford I was able to find

All good, you can use the compressed air then the pressure drops and the Honda revs up and builds pressure again.. it will cycle like this a number of times with no problem.

Then for some reason the idle seems to slow and then when the pressure drops and when the Honda is required to rev up… it stalls. It wont start again unless you apply a little pressure to the Pressure valve.

I don’t know the proper name of this valve it has the 1/4 hose from the pop valve on the air tank and the rod that comes out pushes onto the Governor lever ?? Does this make sense ..lol.. 🙂

Oh, is this valve is adjustable ?? Its brass and has 2 x 13/16 nuts.


Tony, your post is a bit challenging. 🙂 I don’t have a copy of the Binford manual, but I pulled this from a gas powered Rolair manual…

“Every ROLAIR gas-powered air compressor is built with an engine idle control kit that automatically decreases the engine speed when the top end pressure setting of the pilot unloader valve is reached. The top RPM setting of the engine is factory set for maximum performance and service life. Do not alter the factory top RPM setting. The engine idle speed is factory set and controlled by a black plastic Philips head screw on the carburetor. A slight increase to the idle speed setting may be required when operating in colder temperatures. Turn screw clockwise in 1/4 turn increments to increase the idle speed. If the idle speed setting is too low, premature fouling of spark plug will occur.” courtesy.. www.rolair.net

This might apply to your issue. I think it is an idle adjustment, and the problem is occurring when the compressor heats up.

I welcome the contributions of any other Binford air compressor owners to this thread.

By Bill Wade

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