Bigger air tank possible?

WL372001AJ compressor

WL372001AJ compressor

WL372001AJ compressor
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I have a CH extreme contractors series air compressor , twin tank with a WL372001AJ pump/motor . 3HP peak motor.. and would like to put that pump/motor on 12 gallon air tank .. would this motor be ok to use with the tank ???

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May 13, 2017
Bigger air tank
by: Doug in

What Bill said.

I was unable to find a manual that gives duty cycle, so one might assume it's 100 percent, but that seems unlikely - is there such a thing in your manual it came with?

It's gonna run 4X as long, if the 4 Gallon spec in the second photo is correct.

You indicate your reason for wanting to do this tank swap, but you might want to just put a hose from the existing set-up to the proposed tank to see if it does whatever you want. Yes, that will make the run time about 5X, but I think that'll be OK for testing purposes.

Good luck.

May 13, 2017
WL372001AJ compressor tank
by: Bill

From a strictly mechanical sense, you put any compressor pump on any tank if you have the skills and parts to do so.

I was not able to find the specs of the original tanks on this compressor, so don't know their size to guestimate how much longer the motor and pump would have to run to fill the larger tank.

The issue with your proposed conversion is whether the pump / motor are heavy duty enough to withstand the longer running times necessary to fill and refill the bigger tank, assuming the 12 gallon is a bigger volume than the two that came with the original.

If the volumes are close, or say, the 12 gallon is 25% bigger overall, you would likely be good to go, as long as you aren't using air continuously all day, at which point you may be exceeding the duty cycle of the motor / pump.

The good thing is that spare parts for the pump are readily available and not too expensive if you have to do a repair.

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