Best indoor air compressor for a barber shop?

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We are looking to install a quiet indoor compressor into a salon / barber shop and the air will be piped out to each station. What style / brand do you recommend? Any design considerations? Can you tell me what would be the best indoor air compressor for a barber shop, says Jesse of Phoenix AZ USA.

How big a compressor for a barber shop?

Well Jesse, while I’ve never been asked for a recommendation for a compressor for a barber shop before, the criteria of selection you want is pretty much the same for anyone selecting a compressor.

One of the first things that would concern me about a compressor for indoors and near where clients would be is the noise they can make.

Information about that is covered on many pages of this site.  This page is an excellent place to start.

Would you take a few minutes and read the linked page and then, if you still have more questions, maybe add specifics about what you want to know?

Another question about : Air pressure in Barber Shop!

What is the ideal Air cleaning pressure in Barber Shops?

I think air compressor pressure usually 100 or 125 psi is too high, even dangerous for the ear drums, eyes etc., asks Adolfo.

Good question, Adolfo.

The answer, as is written on pages on this site, is to use the minimum pressure level in PSI that will do the job.

Different clean off or blow off locations will likely require different pressures to do the job properly.

Use the regulator on the compressor to lower the pressure to the blow gun to the lowest effective pressure.

Your comment about pressure safety are right on! Care must always be taken using compressed air in all applications, including cleaning off benches etc.

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No offense. The statement of using 100 to 125 psi is not only dangerous in, but really dangerous. Why would each station need access. The only reason I can think of is to blow the hair off the clippers? Right? Not at clients? It prohibited by OSHA to aim compressed at any person. You wont find it in any manual. Using to to clean off material requires personal protection equipment. Do I sound as though I have something personal against using it in barbershops? Yes, mainly because Im deaf now because of a careless barber. The days of this practice… Read more »

No offense taken. Your comments are valid. That pressure level was introduced by a contributor.

You can plumb 150 PSI to any outlet you need, yet you also need a regulator there at each outlet to knock the pressure level down to a “safe” level, that being where the air does not damage anything, and minimal pressure will use less air, ergo, save energy.

In my decades of life I’ve never been in a barber shop that used compressed air for blow off, for what that’s worth.

So, Gary, the man did say “I think air compressor pressure usually 100 or 125 psi is too high, even dangerous for the ear drums, eyes etc.”
So there was no suggestion to *use* that pressure, quite the opposite.
And I understand, I’m deaf in one ear due to an air rifle blast (no pellet, just the air).

A cite of the OSHA rule would be informative.