Belaire Air Compressors

Belaire air compressors appear to be manufactured in South Carolina, USA.

I say that they appear to be manufactured there because even though the plant is there, I have no idea from where the components for the Belaire air compressors are sourced or if there is any real manufacturing of Belaire compressors in North America.

It would be nice to believe that there is still a North American manufacturer that makes the complete air compressor by bending and welding metal right here in North America. Maybe Belaire air compressors is one?

Belaire air compressors are available in a variety of horse powers, and in piston (reciprocating) or rotary screw versions.

Belaire air compressors

Over the years there have been a few questions and comments posted on this site about Belaire air compressors, enough interest to warrant this brand having its own forum page.

Comments about Belaire air compressors on these pages have been contributed by folks that use them. If you have a question about your Belaire compressor, the first choice for help is Belaire themselves. Their contact info is shown.

Belaire Air Compressors
Belaire Compressors
1800 Overview Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29730
877-861-2722 Phone
803-817-7468 Fax

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Belaire Air Compressor Issues

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Here are other visitor's issues with Belaire Air Compressors

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