belaire 12.75 horse 30 gallon tank - motor won't run

by Jon

My compressor will turn on but after a few minutes cuts off I have tried new unloader valve and no go also it has been hard starting I pull plug clean it off it starts right back up any suggestions I am having a hard time finding an air compressor service center in phoenix should I take it to a small engine repair shop please help I use this compressor for work also is it normal if I leave the gas valve open to flood the engine and have to remove plug to let gas shoot out thanks for any info I really appreciate it


Jon, every compressor has, essentially, two systems. One is the power plant... most often electric motor, sometimes diesel, sometimes gas, sometimes propane. The other is the compressor pump, the part that takes in free air and compresses it into the tank.

If your power plant is a gasoline or diesel engine, and that's what's giving you problems, then yes, absolutely, take it to a mechanic.

They may not be familiar with the interface between the power plant and the compressor, but if the problem is mechanical engine related, they should be able to help.



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