Bel Aire 20 Gallon shuts down hard

by A.Eric
(Brooklyn NY)

I have a Bel Aire twenty gallon portable 120v oil lubed compressor equipped with a G.E. motor. The problem i have is that when the unit is turning off after cycling initially or recycling moreso it seems to kick or shut down hard after doing so.

It is hard enough that the unit moves slightly when it does this .

If i remember correctly the blowoff valve used to release more air before this problem occured(i could be mistaken] and the unit would shut down softly. The unit functions perfectly other than this and makes no strange noises. Any ideas on what this could be would be appreciated greatly.
A. Eric, I think you may have hit the nail on the head. If you are up for it, with no air in the tank and the compressor off, can you remove and clean the unloader valve?

If you can, after you have re-installed it, fire that compressor and see what happens then.

Keep us posted as a comment here, K?



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