by Chris
(Goldsboro, NC)

I have a Kholer 14 HP 429 cc engine model number CH440 Spec number CH440-3031 on a Bel Air compressor and tank. Model number 3G3HKL.

Belaire 3G3HKL air compressor
Belaire 3G3HKL air compressor

I put the unloader valve in the up position so that I can crank the engine.

The engine starts and runs great until I flip the unloader valve down. This kills the engine.

Please help!!


Bel Air engine shuts down when unloader engaged
by: Doug in

Sounds like your idle control is broken/dirty/disconnected.

Does the manual indicate you should use the unloader when starting? I’d expect not.


Hopeful fix!
by: Chris

I have ordered idling cable valve (the part was actually called the “bullwhip”). Waiting for it arrive. When I install it I’ll give an update.

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