Bambi compressor not building pressure and overheating

by Ollie
(Kent, uk)

I stupidly left my bambi silent compressor on overnight, next day was a horrible burnt oil smell. released the pressure and switched it off. Since then it won’t build up any pressure at all the top is getting really hot, again with a burning oil smell.

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Feb 02, 2019
Bambi compressor overheating
by: Bill

Odd that "leaving it on" allowed it to run continuously. There must have been an issue with it for that to happen, as there is a pressure switch that shuts the compressor down when the tank pressure reaches cut out, assuming your Bambi has a tank, since you don't indicated the model.

That it ran all night suggests that the tank pressure is not reaching the cut out, either through a major leak, or a pump that has problems that will not allow it to build the tank pressure to cut out.

So, you might have had to rebuild the pump anyway, so here's your chance.

Tear down the pump, check the piston(s) and cylinders for scoring, as if there is, you've got bigger problems, and if not, change the oil, change the piston seals, clean and replace the valves and replace the gaskets.

That assuming that the high heat hasn't warped the metal and the pump won't run at all.

Good luck.

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