bambi BB24V compressor pressure drops after 20-25 minutes


Bambi BB24V air compressor

Bambi BB24V air compressor


I have a bambi BB24V silent oil compressor and i have noticed that when i switch it on,it builds pressure upto 6-8 and it stops, i start to work and eventually the pressure keeps dropping as the speed of my fast handpiece decreases.

and within 20-15 minutes the pressure drops to zero and it does not build up as it normally should.

i have to wait for another 40-45 minutes after restarting it.and the same cycle is repeated works fine only for 20-25 minutes but no longer than that?

what do you think could be possibly wrong with my compressor?

you help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Jul 19, 2014
by: Bill

Your Bambi BB24V air compressor is, I believe, air cooled. That is, there is no fan helping cool the electric motor.

And, since your compressor is factory lubed for life, these types of air compressors tend to run hotter than oil lubricated types.

What I surmise is happening, assuming no change in the power supply, is that you are simply running the air compressor too long, the motor is overheating, probably starting to bind up a bit, and ultimately it stops pumping air.

After the compressor-forced cool down period, the compressor will start and run normally until it overheats again.

If, however, this is a new scenario, and your Bambi compressor has run for this length of time before with no problem, and again, no change in the power supply, then I would be looking at the run capacitor on the motor to see if it is failing, and if so, that could be the cause if your compressor motor is overheating as I believe it is.

In the troubleshooting section on this site there is a link to a page about how to test capacitors.



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