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Bambi BB24 compressor – what does small and big dial show?

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by Burki
(Newcastle upon tyne)

Hi, I have a Bambi compressor I am using for dental purposes. Now it gets heated up and stops.

I need to know what does the big dial and small dial represents and how cut-off pressure can be adjusted?


Bambi BB24 air compressor
Bambi BB24 air compressor


Well Burki, the bigger gauge indicates the tank pressure, and the smaller gauge on the right, just below the handle of the regulator, shows the pressure setting of the air that will flow down to your dental tools.

If your compressor is heating up to the point where it overheats and the motor kicks off due to the reset button on air compressor, I suspect that it may be that you are using more compressed air than the air compressor can generate. Overheating is often a result of exceeding the air compressor duty cycle and in order to protect itself, the compressor motor shuts down until it can cool.

The output of this air compressor is: Output 50 liters/min (1.75 cfm)

If your demand for air is greater than that, you may be overtaxing your compressor.

The electric motor on your compressor may also have a capacitor to help get it started and to keep it going. If this capacitor is failing, that could allow the motor to overheat and shut down. There is a page on this site about how to check them. Have a look, won’t you?

In either case, adjusting the cut in and cut out of the pressure switch will accomplish little to resolve these issues.

Are you running the air tools with the minimum air pressure necessary to allow them to work properly? Reducing the air pressure to the tools will help reduce the run time of the compressor and the frequency of restart, as long as the tool consumption does NOT exceed the capacity of the compressor.

Please let us know what you found.

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By Bill Wade

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