Bambi Air Compressors

Bambi Air Compressors Ltd build air compressors, among other diverse equipment, in the UK, and have been in business since 1977.

They manufacture silent running air compressors, oil free compressors, and have a line of dental air compressors as well.

Bambi Air Compressors Contact Info
Bambi Air Compressors Ltd
152 Thimble Mill Lane
Birmingham B7 5HT
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)121 322 2299
Fax: +44 (0)121 322 2297
Bambi air compressors

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Bambi Air Compressor Manuals

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  1. Bambi Budget Models
For other Bambi air compressor manuals, visit their site (, and follow the downloads link.

Bambi Compressor Issues

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Bambi compressor not building pressure and overheating  
I stupidly left my bambi silent compressor on overnight, next day was a horrible burnt oil smell. released the pressure and switched it off. Since then …

Old Bambi 150/500 
The compressor hasn't been used for 15 years, stored in my attached garage. I have had it running recently, runs to just over 120lbs,cuts off alright. …

Oil top up in Bambi BB50D 
I need to top up one of the chambers with oil but can't see how to do this as the manual diagrams do not match my actual machine. The manual is extremely …

Drain compressor oil bbv24 
Manual for BBV24 says to change oil annually but i cant find a drain tap on the compressor housing to drain it just the filler pipe. Only solution is …

Malfunctioning Bambi compressor  
Hi I've been using this Bambi for good few years for dental manikin practice. Today I wanted to change d unit, all d problem started since. It's …

Bambi 75/250 what direction the rotor should rotate? 
I have had the burnt out stator rewound but do not know what direction the rotor should rotate (obviously I had not had the cover off previously to see …

bb50d motor shutting off too early, other too hot 
Hi bill I have a bb50d one pump will run though the cycle up to 9 bar and then shuts off as it should but gets very hot,the other pump runs up to 4 bar …

Outgassing at outlet elbow joint on new Bambi BB15 
This is a brand new Bambi BB15 Compressor. At around 6bar (The working pressure of BB15 is 6-8bar) the outlet elbow joint starts outgassing between the …

Bb50d leaking oil badly 
Hello I have the model of bambi bb50d. And have a problem with oil it's drain very fast. And goes a lot into wires it's a big problem for me we use it …

35/20 non starter 
hi I have a 35/20 compressor when I switch it on it clicks and make a buzzing noise for about 10-20 seconds and then cuts out, motor dont want to run, …

Oil in tank 
Hi Guys, I have a Bambi BB50D silent compressor, it's only a year old but it has a great deal of oil in the tank whenever I drain it. Obviously it's …

Bambi Noise at Cut Out 
75/250 silent compressor cuts off at 8 bar pressure with loud noise.

Will not build up pressure 
My Bambi silent compressor will not build up pressure, Can someone help me out here.

bambi bb24v becoming very loud 
Hi, I have a bambi bb24v silent compressor and it has become very loud so much so that I can no longer use it in the house. Any one know what could be …

Do you add oil through the same opening through which you drain it? 
We have an older 75/150 silent compressor that has no obvious place to add oil. The oil level bulb is where it is drained. Is that also where you add it? …

Bambi BB50D - Hot Motor Casing 
Bill hi, I have been given a Bambi BB50D compressor which was faulty (the motors never switched off as it didn't reach the required pressure). …

What type of compressor is the bambi budget models - 
Hi there I am very interested in finding out what type of compressor is the bambi budget models - Low noise 40db, None of the manuals actually say what …

Bambi compressor starts for 4 seconds then shuts off  
hi I have a Bambi air compressor serial number be6199 75/150 when I turn it on it will start for about 4 seconds then shuts off and repeats it self …

Bambi Compressor Oil 
I have a Bambi 75/250. I live in Ontario Canada. We do not have the selection of Oils that are available in Europe. Would you be so kind as to tell …

Adjust cut in pressure for MD 75/150 
I have a md75/150 and need to increase the cut in pressure from 3 bar to 4. 5 - is this possible?

oil drain where is it? 
Hi just acquired a Bambi MD 75/150 about 8 years old and want to change the oil but can`t find the oil drain plug. Found how to fill it thro tube at top …

Bambi 225/1000 compressor make slight clicking noise from one pump 
Hi I have a Bambi 225/1000 and one of the 3 pumps has started making a faint intermittent clicking sound occasional when running. Sometimes this …

problem with drain tap 
i have a bambi budget range air compressor, i opened the drain tap and now there is air coming out of the black pipe i cant close it off which ever way …

Should i drain the air after each use? 
I've had a Bambi silent compressor for around 2.5 years. Until recently the valve didn't fit into my staple gun properly so a bit of air leaked. Now I …

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Best way to uncouple Motor/Pump 75 Model 
I am taking the motor apart to put new plates in, what is the best way to get around the pressure pipe horse shoe, unsolder the joints or try to undo the …

Bambi compressor 24l is giving jerks when I try to use 
My bambi compressor is giving jerks and getting trip again n again .. Cannot use it! Oil was already leaking.

Burnt oil odor from Bambi compressor 
Whe we use compressor oil smell comes out. Does this mean we need to change a filter? how do we do this?

Bambi 9 liter compressor dosen't build pressure 
Hi, I receive a used Bambi compressor (10 yeas old). The delivery guy was so "nice" and smash both gauges and spill all oil. I replaced both gauges …

Oil coming from high speed handpiece on Bambi compressor 
Hello, i have bambi bb24v silent compressor. problem with this is oil mixed water spray through high speed handpiece while doing dental work on artificial …

bambi BB24V compressor pressure drops after 20-25 minutes 
Hello, I have a bambi BB24V silent oil compressor and i have noticed that when i switch it on,it builds pressure upto 6-8 and it stops, i start to work …

Help. Bambi budget 150/500 overheated. Any fixes please? 
my bambi budget 150/500 has overheated, i had it stored in small shed/box,i had opened the doors of shed and started the compressor,for some reason i shut …

Bambi compressor cuts out after 10 seconds 
have bambi silent compressor 25lt tank after switch on the compressor will run for 10-20 seconds then cuts off and holds the air in tank is my pressure …

Bambi compressor 75/250 not building pressure 
This Bambi has been working for over 20 years, but has stopped building pressure Any suggestions appreciated _________________ Well, the first …

Bambi 75/150 air compressor clicks when not running 
I replaced the capacitator, unit runs and build pressure but clicks and shakes when unit not running. Is is a bambi 75/150 low noise oil unit ___________________ …

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