by Marta
(London , uk)

Hi I’m having a problem with air shooting out, i can hear the air is running out from one of the engines.

Bambi 150-500 air compressor
Bambi 150-500 air compressor

Sometimes one of the engines is turning off. What can be a problem ?

thanks for help
Hi there Marta.

By the time I make the photo large enough to see, it’s all blurry, so I cannot find on this compressor where the unloader valve might be though I suspect that it’s located on the side of the pressure switch.

Is it possible that air is leaking from there, and you feel it at the motor closest to the switch?

If so, please let us know. If not, please also try and identify where the air is coming from.

As to one of the motors turning off, when it does so, is the top of the motor housing really, really hot

A bit more info if you could, so we can try and help.