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Badger airbrush compressor is how good?

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How good is Badger Airbrush Low Noise Compressor BA1000??

by Nikolas Greekos

I am new with airbrushing so I would like to know how good is this compressor? Also what is air tank exactly for?

Many thanks

Nikolas…I tried to find this compressor on line and could not find it anywhere. Would have been nice to see a photo or two.

Determining how good a device is depends on your point of reference.

Are you asking about the warranty? Check the compressor specs to see if it suits you.

Are you asking if it will compress enough air? You need to know the flow requirements of the air brush you intend to use.

If the question is about longevity and reliability, that’s determined by their warranty, their level of service, and what other users feel. This page is here to let folks tell us about their BA1000 experiences, if they would.

As to what the tank is for… my, you have come to the right place. Visit the site map, and click the link to Tanks (About Compressor Tanks) for the complete story.

Badger 180-11 compressor. – comes on – no pressure

I took the chewed cord with me to replace it, and successfully hooked the cord up.

Badger airbrush model 180-11
Badger airbrush model 180-11

The motor now comes on, the fan turns, but it doesn’t build up any pressure at all.

E. Stokley,

This is a diaphragm air compressor that provides air as you use it, but doesn’t have a tank of any sort, as far as I know.

If the motor is running and the fan is turning, that suggests that the pump is running to. It could be an intake or pressure valve that isn’t working properly, or the diaphragm itself has let go.

It might only be a coincidence that the dog ate part of your compressor and the subsequent repair uncovered another problem.

Regardless, you should be able to get parts from Badger. Here is info on the 180-12 version, as it would appear as the 180-11 is no longer sold.

www.badgerairbrush.com/PDF/180-10 and 180-12 Instruction Book.pdf

By Bill Wade

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