Badger 480-2 airbrush compressor will not run

by Rich
(Bloomington IL.)

Badger 480-2 airbrush compressor

Badger 480-2 airbrush compressor

Bill, I have a Badger 480-2 airbrush compressor that will not start. Has power and tries to start but the thermal switch kicks in after a few seconds. I opened the top of the compressor and the crankshaft turns easily.

What do you think?

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Nov 23, 2014
Badger compessor issue
by: Bill

Well, not much help, Rick. But you are welcome for sure.


Nov 23, 2014
Badger 480-2
by: Rick

Thanks Bill,
Found the capillary tube from the compressor clogged. I called Badger and talked with Rick. Very friendly and helpful. Said they would look at it and estimate. No fee.
The owner says they will just get another unit.
Thanks for your help Bill.

Nov 19, 2014
Badger Power Supply
by: Bill

Rich, if the power supply to the compressor is the same as it was before you had this compressor problem, my thought is that you might have a capacitor failing.

If you pull the cover off and have a look at the motor, see if you can spot the start or start/run capacitor. Normally it's attached to the motor near the shaft end.

If you find it, see the page on this site about how to check it to make sure it's working.

Post your findings as a comment here, if you would.


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