B165B500-25 Black Max oil check issue

by John Tomlinson
(Las Vegas, NV)

I recently bought this compressor used a short time ago but did not get the manual with it. My question is what kind of oil do I use in the compressor and the procedure for checking the oil level-does one screw the oil check fitting in or not to check the level-makes a big difference in the oil level. Thanks for any help. John

John, I could not find any images of your Black Max B165B500-25 air compressor on line, and you, unfortunately, didn't upload any images of the oil fill equipment, so I can only give you a general guide.

If the dip stick threads in, typically the oil level is measured after you have threaded the dip stick in and back out again.

As to the oil, please see the sitemap page and the compressor oil section for recommendations.


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