Auto Garage Compressor will not run?

by ashok
(charlotte, nc)

I have a GE Air Compressoor. On a metal plate it says Genearl Electric, Model #5XC215AG407.

The compressor just comes on one sec and then cuts off.

Some folks have told me that i need a cut off switch and pointed to a switch that says AB 71A562.

Please help.
Ash, when the compressor shuts off after one second, please check to see if the power is still flowing to the motor circuit, on the motor side of the pressure switch.

If the power is flowing, it is not likely the pressure switch that is the problem.

If the power is not flowing to the motor, and the compressor shuts off after a second or two, and the tank pressure is not at the normal cut out pressure level, then it is likely your pressure switch.

I can find no information on your model of compressor.

The AB 71A562 appears to be a contactor / motor starter. I am not convinced that this is the compressor problem.

On the other hand, the folks suggesting this as the solution are, presumably, people that have seen your compressor. I have not. So I'll go with my first suggestion, and that is make sure that the pressure switch is working.



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