Atlas GA7VSD VFD part identification

by Mark
(Savannah, GA)

Does anyone know what brand and model of VFD that is in a new Atlas GA7 VSD? And I wonder if it is possible to adjust a VSD compressor like this, so that it always runs at maximum pressure (7-bar), such that as I use air from my receiver, the pressure in the receiver will always return to 7 bar, after a short consumption. (I mean, a fixed speed compressor will always load and unload--I want to avoid that).

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Jan 11, 2019
by: Bubba

If the drive is black it’s the new neos drive copco developed.

If you want a certain set point, install a muffler downstream and open it until you achieve the pressure you want.

That’s kinda wasteful but it’ll work and keep the temps and rpm’s up on your compressor.

May 29, 2018
GA7 Atlas Copco VFD
by: ICS

It may be possible for it to have a VSD on it, but one that small, not real popular. It's only a 10 HP motor. Yes you can maintain it at 105 if it is a VSD. Look at the model number. It will have VSD in the number if it is. If it is a fixed speed, you will need to add a tank and run a regulator off the output of the tank and you may set it for whatever pressure you need.

May 28, 2018
by: Doug in

Not entirely sure I understand your goal, but if the pressure rises above a 7 bar set point, the motor is going stop.

It can be set to start again at 6.9 bar.

The only way to keep it running continuously would be to put some continuous load on it - like a leak, or maybe a relieving regulator set to a bit below 7 bar or whatever you're shooting for.

There are other machines that run continuously, with a bypass arrangement internal to the machine. Maybe that's really what you're after?

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