Atlas Copo GS30VSD shut down

by Eric Johnson

Atlas Copo GA30VSD Shut down and displays compressor motor converter failure.

The electronics bay LCD says "short circut 2340"

Sounds expensive. What is the fix?

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Jul 02, 2015
Comunication error
by: Jesus Garcia

For the DIY test, you have to be very carefull since the VFD has to be discharged before doing any maintenance.

Wait untill the power bank drains all the power out, and then and only after that start measuring all the PCB and the IGBT's.

First to all check if the VFD works, it might be out.

Hope it helps.

Jesus Garcia

Jun 16, 2015
by: Doug in


There's a short in or on the way to the motor from the drive coverter.

You could do some basic trouble-shooting and might get lucky a find bad wiring.

Or maybe the motor is shot.

But if you're lucky, nothing is permanently damaged if you find a short and fix that.

Otherwise, yes, probably 'spensive.

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