When i notice oil low....?

by rob
(windsor ontario canada)

atlas copco screw type big compressor - when i notice oil low

I have a screw type big compressor supplying my shop.... it seems to go through more than i suspect it should in oil... when i notice oil low it is bc my back up compressor is kicking on... meaning my lead compressor is dropping below 105 psi.... it is supposed to kick on at 105 and off at 125.... i shut back up off and watched it drop to 91 on lead so i had to keep back up on lag ..... my question is it seems to load weakly.... it used to load you could hear it shift to load and the noise would be noticeably louder.... not i hear it shift and the loading is very quiet and very long and weak.... yet it seems to be doing just enough to get by....any idea what could be the cause of oil disappearing and long loads time.... it just had its 5 year service where the oil mist bag was replaced and maitenance is impecable on this machine... thanks Rob

Rob, not having used this air compressor I am not familiar with the operation.

Yet, your post suggests to me that the oil separator is allowing oil to leave the sump and enter the air stream. A change in noise level suggests a valve or gasket issue.

Rob didn't include the model of his Atlas Copco compressor, yet if any other Atlas Copco compressor users can comment for Rob please do so.



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Mar 05, 2014
loading problem and oil consumption
by: Anonymous

your unloading valve is sticking, get a rebuild kit.

Also change your coalescing filter in the reservoir and rebuild the oil scavenger.

Jan 06, 2012
by: bwebster64

We have 350 hp GA315 atlas compressors where I work and the type of oil is very important. We used to use a mineral base oil and problems galore. Once we cleaned the system and put in SH60 compressor oil the problems went away. Also sounds like a sticky unloading valve.

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