Atlas Copco GA 75 Air Compressor

The new Atlas Copco GA 75 series air compressor line includes a VSD, and according to them, "brings a game changing revolution in the compressor industry." Older models are fixe speed as well and the GA75 models have been around for decades with all being available in a variety of 10-100 HP size machines.

Atlas Copco has been around a long time and has a worldwide presence. Their reputation in compressor manufacturing is well known.

All of that being said, do you have problems or questions about the GA75 series, whether newer or older versions?

If you are looking for help with your GA75 as I always say, the best place to go for help with your Atlas Copco air compressor is their office or outlet in your location. Find out if you have one nearby by visiting here:

Atlas Copco GA series compressors

Failing that, if you would like to reach out to fellow owners and users for guidance or help about your GAT 75 compressor issue, then this forum is for you.

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Atlas Copco GA 75 Issues

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Here are other visitor's issues with Atlas Copco GA 75 Air Compressors

Please review the existing posts. You may find the answer to your compressor question has already been posted.

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Does anyone know what brand and model of VFD that is in a new Atlas GA7 VSD? And I wonder if it is possible to adjust a VSD compressor like this, so that …

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Error code F0022. Any idea what this code means?

GA 75 VSD after shutdown unit can't run 
i have GA 75 VSD, after shutdown unit can't run. At the display reading " convert timeout " It happen after we do annual shut down need your help. …

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Hi, recently one of my GA75 compressor was found high element outlet pressure 9.0 where setting only 2 bar limit. Then, the compressor was stop and …

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Our compressor will start but immediately will stop. Error says converter failure. I reset and start again and it runs perfectly all day until the …

GA-75 Element Temperature ROTA Error 
Hi, I am facing the problem in my Atlas Copco GA-75 Air Compressor. It is showing the "Element Temperature Rota Error". Kindly help me that what could …

GA75: Peaks observed in current immediately after... 
Greetings of the day… GA75: Peaks observed in current immediately after the delta changeover for fraction of seconds. We have observed below during …

GA75VSD has 0xfa61 error? 
Hello good pm. I am melvin gonzales Working in qatar.frijns Structural steel. Can you give me idea about this kind of error 0xfa61? For GA75VSD model. …

GA 75 starting problems 
I would have one question and a request if you could help us . We have two compressor GA 75 and GA 808 appears to us was a problem starting the compressor …

Set backup GA75+ to start on pressure? 
Hello, I have an Atlas GA75+ that I have set to a timer however I have another machine I wish to run as my main compressor and i'd like to set the atlas …

GA75 element temp too high 
we have 3 atlas copco GA75 compressor all of them element temp too high and tripped

GA75 compressor lost power on the display  
Our GA75 compressor lost power on the display unit, yet the incoming power is fine. We checked all visible fuses. What can be wrong? Where can we look

Atlas copco GA75 separator temp raises to 225ºF,few minutes after it start? 
screwed air compressor GA75 ,separator temp raises to 225ºF,few minutes after it start; I checked oil level ,Ok,I cleaned "combicooler", Ok; room temp …

GA75 tripped on motor overload 
ATLAS COPCO COMPRESSOR (GA75) - tripped on motor overload My compressor sometime tripped on motor overload,what are the likely things you suggest can …

ga75 shuts down with a motor overload fault? 
atlas copco ga75 shuts down with a motor overload fault about twice a day compressor shuts down with a motor overload fault I can reset and start again …

GA 75 atlas copco dryer compressor won't run? 
My GA 75 Altas Copco start`s and run but the dryer does not start,when i press the reset switch the dryer compressor start`s and the fan attemp`s to start …

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