Atlas Copco GA37 Air Compressor

Let's start by checking out what the Atlas Copco GA37 air compressor is, for the folks that don't know. The GA37 has been around for decades now, and is currently lumped into their GA15-GA37 category of rotary screw air compressors by Atlas Copco.

The '37' in GA37 typically refers to it having a main motor 37 kW power supply which is essentially 50 HP and provides compressed air at around 7.5 bar or 110 PSI up to that of the newer models in the 12.5 bar or 180 PSI range depending on the year, and the version of GA 37 you may have.

The latest models of the GA37 offer VSD+ drive enabling the compressor to run at variable speeds depending on the conditions and the load.

Over the years lots of folks have asked questions about the Atlas Copco GA-37 air compressor on this site, so this page is now that model forum. All questions and responses about the GA37 air compressor model will be now on this page only.

Older GA 37 air compressor

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Atlas Copco GA 37 Issues

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Here are other visitor's issues with Atlas Copco GA 37 Air Compressors

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GA 37 not load and display all conditions are ok.  
Ga 37 not load and display all conditions are ok. What is tha proplem please help me if i should to reset hours i dont have code number ..

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GA37 saftey valve issues 
GA37 loads and unloads fine but pressure relief in oil separator keeps blowing off

Atlas Copco GA37 VSD has "thermal flash"? 
Two years old, it has 10,000hrs, oil has gone into the motor terminals cause of an oil leak, AC says its cause of something they call "thermal flash" …

GA37 has smoke near Air Filter 
GA 37 smoke coming out near Air Filter when oil changed Earlier we used Roto Extend we changed it to Roto Inject. Is it because we changed the oil

GA37 filling air tank with water 
GA37 filling air tank with water. Compressor is only 4 months old.

GA 37 element outlet temperature safety wont let it start 
I have GA 37 and the element outlet temperature safety wont let it start. The temperature on the screen is showing as 29 degrees centigrade and the tripping …

GA37 shuts down on element outlet 
The compressor shuts down with element outlet temp. going high. What is the solution?

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