The new Atlas Copco GA 75 series air compressor line includes a VSD, and according to them, “brings a game changing revolution in the compressor industry.” Older models are fixe speed as well and the GA75 models have been around for decades with all being available in a variety of 10-100 HP size machines.

Atlas Copco has been around a long time and has a worldwide presence. Their reputation in compressor manufacturing is well known.

All of that being said, do you have problems or questions about the GA75 series, whether newer or older versions?

If you are looking for help with your GA75 as I always say, the best place to go for help with your Atlas Copco air compressor is their office or outlet in your location. Find out if you have one nearby by visiting here:

Atlas Copco GA series compressors

Atlas Copco GA 75 model air compressor

Failing that, if you would like to reach out to fellow owners and users for guidance or help about your GAT 75 compressor issue, then this page for you.


Existing Atlas Copco GA 75 compressor issues: