Assembly diagram for 94734

by Ron
(Granite Bay, CA)

I have an older Central Pneumatic Air Compressor, which I purchased used. I believe its model 94734.

I need to replace the bearing that is on the crankcase and the rubber bushing that goes behind it.

I have the part numbers (B32 & B33) and will order from Harbor Freight.

However, I am looking for a parts diagram that shows how they go together. It looks like someone has opened this before and I think the bushing may have been put on backwards but am unsure.

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May 19, 2015
by: Doug in

You will likely find a number or two stamped on the old bearing(s).

One of those numbers will get you to the bearing type, which is standard. Get those.

Installation orientation should be obvious, and from what you say may have been wrong, so do what appears right.

Except for thrust bearings, orientation doesn't matter.

May 19, 2015
parts seems to be unavail
by: Ron

So I called Harbor Freight and they dont offer the parts anymore. They suggested a site that may offer them however I was unable to find. So, would you happen to know where I can obtain the parts?

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